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Survive, craft, build and fight your way towards creating the ultimate fully automated factory of your dreams in Factorio. With a unique premise that combines survival with construction and strategy, this game will test your logistics skills.

Factorio Will Test Your Management Skills

Ever wondered what it would feel like to build the biggest factory ever? You won’t need to wait for some big money payout to find out. Factorio is all about building massive, robust factories, keeping them running and defending them from unfriendly creatures. What makes this game special is how well it captures the logistical side of maintaining a well-oiled machine of enormous calibre.

Open up your portfolio because we’re going to be looking at why Factorio might be worth investing in.

Factorio is a Survival Game at Heart

What separates Factorio from other construction and management games is that it kicks off as a survival game. You start off by gathering materials which you use to craft. As the game progresses, you begin to kick your crafting up a notch by building factories. The goal is to reach a point where you have a fully automated empire that does all the work for you; even deal with the aliens that are out to get you.

Corporate Ecological Disruption

The story of Factorio revolves around you finding yourself stranded on an alien world. As you strive to survive, you learn that you can eventually just make machines do everything for you. But that has the side-effect of polluting the environment of the planet which in turn angers the indigenous creatures who already don’t like you much. The more emissions you exhaust and waste you dump, the more aggressive your unfriendly neighbors become.

With You or Against You

Another great feature of Factorio is the ability to play in online multiplayer. Whether you want to cooperate with a friend for survival or go head-to-head to determine the best factory builder, playing with others in Factorio is quite intense. There are options for creating private servers as well as private listen servers when you just want to keep things in the family. Whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong with some Factorio multiplayer.

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    Factorio is playable on PC
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