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Following the success of deckbuilding games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train, developers Abrakam of Faeria fame are looking to bring their universe into the single-player card game space.

Roguebook Will Change Your Whole World Over and Over Again

Deckbuilding roguelike games are becoming more and more popular. Ever since Slay the Spire took the indie world by storm, dev teams have taken a shine to the formula and are looking to add their own spin to it. Roguebook aims to take the same successful formula of Slay the Spire but with a procedurally generated world that makes every run a whole new experience.

Get your cards ready so we can check out what we can expect from Roguebook.

Deckbuilding Goodness

The idea behind Roguebook is similar to that of Slay the Spire. You start off with a small deck of cards and fight through battles to add more cards to it until you have your ultimate strategy carved out. The difference from STS is that you have two heroes to work with, each with their own unique types of cards. This enables a combo system that allows you to use cards of different types in tandem. It’s like bringing Magic: The Gathering’s multi-color decks into the world of deckbuilding.

Never The Same

Roguebook’s overworld is one of its coolest features. Completely procedurally generated, you’ll pretty much never have the same run twice. Unlike STS, Roguebook makes use of a hex-based grid map where you can move more freely. Every move, however, removes a row of the grid so your choice of where to go does matter. The formula still needs refinement as amongst the encounters and treasures, there are several blank spaces which can make the decision making somewhat less interesting compared to STS.

Ultimately, what makes or breaks a deckbuilding game are the cards themselves. Roguebook’s dual-hero system allows for some intuitive deck crafting where a wide range of strategies can be employed. We’ll have to see how Roguebook evolves before we judge where it stands among the other big titles in the subgenre.

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