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It’s been well over a decade since a new Age of Empires was released. With a new approach towards the game’s historical campaign and an emphasis on keeping gameplay simple, Age of Empires IV may be the comeback fans are looking for.

Age of Empires IV May Make History Once Again

Do you remember the last time an Age of Empires titles was released? The last time an entry in the legendary strategy series came out was in 2005 with AoE 3. It feels like it’s been an eternity but the history-based game will be returning with a fourth entry soon. With a lot of promises of keeping the spirit of the game the same, Relic Entertainment is hoping to reignite the flames of war within AoE fans once more.

Let’s fill up our majestic goblets and take a look at what we know so far about Age of Empires IV.

Keeping the Status Quo

Fans of games tend to be overprotective of their favorite games and what makes them great. Relic Entertainment seems to understand this well. They’ve stated on several occasions that the aim for Age of Empires IV is to keep it as true to its roots as possible. That means maintaining a strong emphasis on base building, harvesting and macro strategy management. This will likely please fans of previous entries in the series.

Humanized Histories

What always made Age of Empires a great game was the historical accuracy of the game’s various factions. Every single unit of your army felt like it was taken straight out of what we learned in our history books. The campaign also drew heavy inspiration from actual battles and some of the most defining skirmishes that shaped human society. For Age of Empires IV’s campaign, Adam Isgreen, creative director at Relic Entertainment, has emphasized that the team is looking to do something “crazy-cool” but couldn’t go beyond that. What he has said was the way they want to approach the game’s historically inspired story in a fun and exciting way through what they’re calling “humanized histories”. We’ll have to wait for more details in the future.

Keep It Simple

Adam Isgreen has also touched on Relic’s approach to gameplay for Age of Empires IV. He’s stated that they want to avoid overcomplicating the game as a means to make it feel new and fresh. Instead, they’re focusing efforts on keeping mechanics and systems easy to understand yet impactful. It sounds like a welcome change considering the RTS genre’s long history of being complex.

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