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Among Trees is a unique zen-like survival and exploration game where setting up a cozy cabin is the main focal point. Explore the woods around you, build your dream cabin, craft new items and live your dream forest life.

Among Trees Will Let You Build the Cozy Cabin Life You Always Wanted

If there was one way to summarize Among Trees from its trailer, it would be “Cabin Life Simulator”. It’s a pastel-colored first-person survival game where setting up a cozy cabin in the woods is what it’s all about. This game is clearly designed for those looking to escape city life without the messiness of forest life.

Grab your axe and chop up what we know about Among Trees.

In Among Tree It’s All About Your Cabin

What immediately gets your attention from the Early Access trailer is the cabin development feature. As a person looking to start living a life in the woods, building a cabin is vital to survival. But you don’t have to be stuck with a one-room hut. As you progress, you can expand your humble abode with expansions, rooms, floors and a greenhouse for growing tasty food. The interior can also be decorated with wood-themed furniture and knick-knacks. Each room you unlock will open up new mechanics for crafting and surviving, which include cooking and sewing among others.

No Combat To Be Seen

The trailer for Among Trees doesn’t outright say it but leaves a strong hint that there is no combat to be found here. While there is dangerous wildlife to be found - apart from Zen mode which removes them if you’re looking for a peaceful life - you can only seemingly hide and run away from it. This is a refreshing change of pace compared to other survival games as some aficionados of the genre may prefer being pacifists.

The Road Ahead

Developer FJRD Interactive have already laid out a roadmap for Among Trees early access development. From this planned course, we can tell there will be a pet system they’ll be trialling which should make life in the woods less lonely. There are also plans to improve the variety of environments the game offers as well as more items to pick up and decorations to craft.

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    Sadly, we haven't got a release date for Among Trees
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    Among Trees is playable on PC
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