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Looking to make a comeback after a terrible launch, Artifact has been brought back to the lab for a tune-up. With a better monetization model and some changes to mechanics, Valve is hoping to give the game a second wind.

Artifact Is Looking to Make a Comeback

Back in 2018, Valve decided to jump into the card game arena and it didn’t quite go how they expected. Artifact is a DOTA 2-inspired CCG with some interesting ideas and mechanics that ended up going back to the drawing board. Mired by monetization issues coupled with a board layout that tried too hard to be like the title it was based on, Artifact showed a lot of potential and may be making a comeback soon.

With a brand new beta on the horizon, let’s have a look at what changes are coming to Artifact.

Don’t Stack the Deck

One of the biggest problems with Artifact was the way it went about its monetization. According to Valve, this led to players oftentimes going up against stacked decks. To mitigate this problem, Valve will no longer be selling cards and make them obtainable through gameplay. Their hope is to even out the playing field so the game isn’t pay to win. On top of that, they will introduce a new mode called Hero Draft where you can build a deck “without the pressure.”

Change the Perspective

One of the more frustrating parts about launch Artifact was that it was like fighting in three different battlefields at the same time without having a continuous view of all of them. The game effectively mimics DOTA 2’s three lanes by having players fight each other on three boards. In order to see what was going on in your other fields, you had to move to them which added quite a bit of time your decision making. In the Beta 2.0 version, Valve have pull back the perspective so you can have a bird’s eye view of the entire game and not just one particular board.

More to Come

With cards no longer being part of Artifact’s monetization model, the question is how will the game bring the bacon for Valve. In a few interviews, the devs have explained that they’re exploring different avenues, including some ideas on items they can sell. Sounds like some cosmetics might be in Artifact’s future.

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