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The classic pen-and-paper RPG based series returns after over 7 years with Baldur’s Gate III. Fight your way back to the titular city and face up against the Mind Flayers who have returned to wreak havoc on the world once more.

Baldur's Gate III Will Bring Back A Gaming Legend

The Baldur’s Gate series is a legendary one amongst RPG fans as well as gamers of all stripes. It translated the action of the Dungeons & Dragons pen-and-paper games to the digital world perfectly while also delivering powerful stories and a wide world to explore. Baldur’s Gate III, developed by Larian Studios, is almost upon us after over 7 years since the second game’s release. With Baldur’s Gate III, Larian is looking to bring back classic CRPG turn-based action with a modern look and an even greater epic story to experience.

Gather your party and let’s explore what we know so far about Baldur’s Gate III.

Return to the City

The titular city will once again be the centerpiece of Baldur’s Gate III’s story. As seen in the game’s debut trailer and according to director Swen Vincke, your adventure will start outside the city walls. You’ll gradually make your way towards Baldur’s Gate while completing quests and defeating enemies. It will be a long trek, however, as it will take an approximate 10 hours before you reach the city itself. While not the entirety of the city will be available, you’ll still have a massive portion of it to explore, loot and protect from the evil Mind Flayers, the game’s key bad guys.

D&D Time

As with past games, Baldur’s Gate III will also be based on the classic tabletop RPG. The developers have stated that the game’s 5th Edition ruleset will be used for the game as it’s considered the best for translating into a digital game. Even still, Larian has had to make some sacrifices as not all pen-and-paper mechanics can be converted into a video game. Regardless, there a whole host of customizations and mechanics to sink your teeth into. Besides the usual races like humans, elves and halfings, player characters can also be other D&D races including drow, tieflings and even vampire spawn. On top of that, there will be a host of classes, each with their own specialised archetype. As a Fighter, you’ll be able to choose between the path of Battle Master and Eldritch Knight. Choosing to be a Wizard opens up the paths of Evocation and Abjuration. It will be interesting to see how many classes end up in the game.

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