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From appearance and playstyle to your weapons and storyline, Biomutant aims to become the ultimate customization game. Create your own lethal fighting machine by picking its appearance, attributes and craft your own weapon amalgamations to become the ultimate killing machine.

Biomutant Will Challenge You To Create The Ultimate Fighting Creature

Revealed back in 2017, Biomutant is an ambitious project by a first time Swedish studio called Experiment 101. If this is making you feel uneasy, rest assured the game so far looks and sounds very promising. Biomutant aims to be the ultimate customization-based action RPG where you will embark on a journey that is completely affected by the choices you make, both in terms of story choices and gameplay elements.

Embrace your inner freak and let’s take a gander on what Biomutant is all about.

Customize Your Own Biomutant

While the degree of customization available in Biomutant wasn’t as clear back when the game was revealed in 2017, today we’ve got a lot more to go by. Right off the bat, you’ll be able to choose every aspect of your character, from its body size, weight and height to how much fur and how big his or her fangs are. And, yes, you’ll be able to choose their gender as well. But these choices don’t just affect your outside appearance. Every alteration you make here decides how your character will play. Heavier characters will move a lot slower but be able to carry heavy weapons. In contrast, smaller characters will be more agile and nimble. The choices don’t just extend here, though.

Create the Ultimate Weapon

Trailers for Biomutant have shown that you can wield two types of weapons, melee and range. In order to improve your weapons, you’ll need to pick up scrap from around the map and attach them to what you’ve already got. What’s more is that every piece you find will have its own attributes, including elemental enchantments. A part with cryogenic on it, for instance, will make your weapon freeze enemies upon hit. What you’ll likely end up with is an amalgamation of some of the most effective parts you can gather.

Carve Your Own Path

If the above choices weren’t enough, Biomutant’s story will also have its fair share of narrative decisions that will ultimately decide your path and how it all ends. You’ll even have to choose allies and build relationships with NPCs to gain more enhancements for combat effectiveness. Let’s hope all of this openness doesn’t trigger anyone’s choice paralysis.

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