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Prepare to yet again assume the throne and lead your armies into battle. Crusader Kings III is the successor to the legendary grand strategy game series by Paradox Development Studio. With a more detailed and larger map, plenty of government options and a generation system the spans across the ages, Crusader Kings III aims to be a worthy follow up to a beloved series.

Crusader Kings III Will Take You on A Journey Across the Ages

Paradox Development Studio is back with a direct sequel to the legendary Crusader Kings grand strategy series. Crusader Kings III aims to take everything that made CK and CK2 great and make it even greater. From update 3D graphics to whole new ways to expand your influence across human history, this sequel’s ambition is only matched by that of its leading characters.

Let’s take Crusader Kings III under our historian’s microscope.

In The Blood

Just like its predecessors, Crusader Kings III goes beyond grand strategy and into dynasty simulation territory. You’re not just aiming to dominate one age. Rather, your goal is to ensure your blood continues to live on throughout the ages. After choosing a starting date, with 867 and 1066 available at launch, you’ll govern, develop and conquer as every good ruler should. Once your time has come, your mantle will be taken up by your offspring. A defining feature of Crusader Kings III is the passing of certain traits from parent to child ensuring that solid genetics remain intact. How you rule and the decisions you make will affect your outcomes for generations.

So Much Detail

Crusader Kings games are all about dominating the large landscape of history within the sprawling map of the world. With all the graphical flair Crusader Kings III is receiving, it stands to reason that the map will get tons of love as well. Receiving four times the detail of CK2, the sequel’s map will be even more epic. Holdings will be fully visible on the map instead of just icons and armies will need to move around the map in order to reach them. You’ll be able to capture new holdings and develop them further in order to cement your foothold.

Political Proclivity

Politics are naturally a big part of the Crusader Kings games and the new title follows suit. In Crusader Kings III, you’ll get to choose what type of government you want to establish, including feudal, tribal and clan. Religion will also play a major role in how deep your influence runs. You’ll even be able to make your own Heresy which can make for an even more customized governing experience.

Crusader Kings III is an exciting addition to the legendary grand strategy series by Paradox. The new features and more detailed graphics will surely make it a worthy successor to the throne.

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