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As far as pixel art games go, Death Trash is one of the goriest and grimiest ever devised. Its focus on a ruined world filled with gruesome monstrosities make it an unsettling experience that is too captivating to not pay attention to.

Death Trash Looks Gruesome and Disgusting but We Love It

It’s tough to talk about Death Trash without mentioning all of its grimy and grisly elements. Designed and developed by Crafting Legends, a small indie team based in Berlin, the game is being touted as a gorier, more repellent take on Fallout with incredible pixel art. Let’s take a look at what to expect from this semi-open-world action-adventure game.

The Fallout Bug

One look at the game’s trailers and you’ll immediately recognize the old isometric Fallout in Death Trash’s DNA. You create a character who resides on a human-colonized planet. The landscape of the planet is filled with eerie and precarious biomes, like wastelands and caves. While there travelling from location to location is done by an overworld map - hence a semi-open world - moving around them is quite freeform. Each biome contains a variety of monstrosities of different shapes and sizes. Some you can actually befriend. Others will rip you into bloody shred.

Get Stuff Done

Death Trash features a fair bit of gameplay elements. Approaching missions can be done in more than just gunning a whole environment down into a gory mess. Stealth can also be employed to either catch enemies by surprise or avoid them altogether. It all depends on how you build your character. With a robust attribute and stat system, Death Trash promises character progression that is quite flexible. You can go for the stealthy assassin type, the trigger-happy brute or even a caster-type with psi powers. Of course, there is crafting; a lot of it.

No Happy Endings

The story of Death Trash is set on the planet Nexus, a distant planet colonized by humankind. As the hapless humans discovered the celestial body was filled with larger-than-life creatures, they developed robotic protectors. By a stroke of bad luck, these machines become corrupted, turning on their masters and running amock. As a so-called raider, you’re guided by fate to bring an end to the human-machine war. You’ll make plenty of choices that could either bring about the end for mankind or restore the balance.

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    Death Trash is playable on PC
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