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In Deathloop, two assassins are stuck in a repeating time loop where their only goal is to each one another. Grab your gun of choice and prepare your latent powers for the ultimate showdown for the fate of Blackreef.

Deathloop Will Have You Stuck in An Endless Cycle

Announced during Bethesda’s E3 2019 presentation, now revealed to be a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X title, Deathloop is a first-person shooter with premise straight out of Groundhog Day. Developed by Arkane Studios this unique take on the FPS genre will carry the same open-ended gameplay the Dishonored series popularized before it. This, coupled with a stuck-in-a-time-loop setting will likely make for an intriguing shooter experience.

Lock and load as we dive into everything we know about Deathloop.

Two Opposing Wills

The game takes place in a place called Blackreef, an island where time is stuck in a neverending cycle. Two highly skilled rival assassins, Colt and Juliana, are caught in this endless loop of killing each other; the former to end it while the latter to preserve it. Each time they die, time resets itself back to where it all started. There’s little information at this point as to why time behaves this way in Deathloop but it may have something to do with a circular glowing structure in the middle of the island.

More Than Guns

Deathloop being an FPS naturally will have guns. A lot of them. We’ve seen both Colt and Juliana make use of a variety of guns and explosives, from pistols to sniper rifles. What we’ve also seen goes beyond these tools of death, though. In the latest trailer from the PS5 reveal event, Juliana can be seen teleporting while Colt performs some telekinesis. It’s likely this means that both assassins will have some interesting abilities at their disposal.

Have it Your Way

Arkane Studios is known for developing games that provide us with the freedom to choose how we want to play. In Dishonored, it was even likely to play in a passive style, avoiding the killing of enemies. It’s not very likely that this will be possible in Deathloop given how both assassins are out for each other’s head. However, with the number of weapons and likely abilities in the game, we may have more than a few choices on how we bring the pain.

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