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Diablo IV is set to take us back to a time when the world of Sanctuary was truly dark and desolate. Prepare to wield powerful abilities to fight the evils of the dark and their master, Diablo.

Diablo IV Is Looking to Return to Its Darker Roots

The best worst kept secret in the gaming world for the past 5 years is Diablo IV, Blizzard’s third instalment in its popular action RPG series. After a massive fiasco with the reveal of a mobile-only Diablo game, one of the biggest developer’s in the world is finally showing they still care about PC. The main promise for this fourth attempt at taking down Diablo and his minions is a return to form in terms of both world atmosphere and gameplay.

Ready your demon-hunting abilities because we’re going to explore everything we know about Diablo IV.

Diablo IV Will Be Dark Again

What made the two original Diablo games so great was the stark and desolate look of their world. When you entered a dungeon or ventured into unknown territory, it was a truly scary experience. Diablo 3 toned this down in an attempt to make the game a bit more lighthearted which didn’t sit well with fans. Diablo IV will bring back the gloom and doom of the world of Sanctuary in hopes to win back some favor. People who have experienced the game already call it a return to form.

Inventory Management Changes

Remember trying to shuffle your inventory to fit in at least one more piece of loot? That’s all gone, according to Blizzard, who’s stated that they want a system that won’t interrupt gameplay. While information is scarce on this matter, it’s surely a welcome change as inventory Tetris isn’t a fun mini-game to play in any game.

Build Your Own Gear

Another interesting tidbit is how Ancient gear will be handled in Diablo IV. Instead of hunting for that perfect piece with the right affixes, you’ll find Legendary Affixes that can be added to any piece of gear. This essentially will allow you to create your own Ancient items which sounds pretty darn cool.

Some Old Favorites Return

The most anticipated announcement about Diablo IV is of which classes will be in the game. We know for sure that the Barbarian, the Sorceress and the Druid are all going to be in the game. Blizzard has announced there will be 5 classes at launch, which leave 2 more to be revealed. Many are hoping that the fan-favorite Necromancer will make his return as well as the Assassin and the Crusader.

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    Diablo IV is playable on PC
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