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From the sounds of it, Rockfish Games are looking to make the game they always dreamed of putting together with Everspace 2. If you missed out on the original, it’s an incredible experience for both fans and newcomers to the space combat genre.

Everspace 2 Will Place Us in a Greatest Space Exploration Universe

The original Everspace released in 2017 with the promise of reinventing the space simulator genre. It took familiar elements from the roguelike and action RPG genres and wrapped them neatly in a deep space exploration package. Its intense combat mechanics coupled with its addictive loot gathering game loop made it an experience that was unlike anything we’ve seen in the genre. With Everspace 2, indie wonder Rockfish Games is looking at something far more ambitious and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, it looks that much closer to being realised.

Epic Space Journey

Step aside instanced roguelike elements. There’s a new star sheriff in town and they bring the gift of a space opera like story campaign with open-world exploration. The story picks up after the original game. You will assume the role of one of the surviving pilots who participated in taking down Admiral Gorc. Despite your best efforts at trying to lay low under a false identity, you’ll be thrust into the thick of an entirely new adventure. Rockfish Games has stated that the intent for Everspace 2’s predecessor was to have a similar approach but they lacked the funds. This resulted in them taking the roguelike path. With a whole new challenge to face, here’s hoping the successful indie dev pulls it off.

All About the Loot

Story aside, the main protagonist of Everspace 2, just like in its predecessor, is your ship. Taking a page out of the Diablo-like action RPG playbook, this upcoming space game will place a heavy focus on loot. With a near-endless supply of powerful ships, categorized into 9 distinct classes, there’s a near limitless amount of equipment combinations to try out. Everspace 2’s campaign and endgame will continuously push you to re-evaluate your current setup.

Lazers First Questions Later

One of the best parts about the original Everspace was its frantic combat. Everspace 2 will be looking to further expand on that without abandoning what made the original’s space battles so intense. Dodging, rolling, boosting and blasting away with a multitude of weapons and abilities will be returning in full force.

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