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An open-world game like none other you’ve ever played, Ghost of Tsushima promises intense samurai combat and gameplay impacting decisions. Sharpen your blade and ride on as the last remaining samurai capable of stopping the Mongol army.

Ghost of Tsushima Aims to Question Your Sense of Honor

Sucker Punch, the developers behind the Infamous and Sly Cooper series, are making their grand return with what appears to be their most ambitious title yet. Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world samurai game set during one of Japan’s darkest moments in history. Taking place in 1274 on the island of Tsushima, this highly atmospheric game will put you in the shoes of Jin, the only remaining samurai. On your own, you must face the Mongol army that is wreaking havoc across the land.

Unsheath your sword and prepare to take on what Ghost of Tsushima is all about.

Honor or Ghost

During the most recent gameplay reveal, Sucker Puch dived deep into what makes Ghost of Tsushima special. As a lone samurai, you’ll be constantly faced with a critical decision: to fight honorably or dishonorably. By choosing to abide by your warrior’s code, you’ll take on opponent’s head on without any sneaky tricks. When things seem more overwhelming, however, you can have Jin sneak around and attack from the shadows as a Ghost. This choice has a deeper effect on the way Jin develops his skills and how his enemies perceive him. Stray more towards the path of the Ghost and they’ll start to flee at the mere sight of you. Continuing to follow your code will make you a more defensive fighter but become capable of felling foes in a single strike.

Hone Your Skills

According to Sucker Punch, you’ll many options for customizing Jin throughout his tough journey. His armor, for starters, is fully customizable both in terms of appearance and mechanics. This applies to both the samurai and Ghost paths. By exploring the world, you can collect materials that can be used to create color dyes that will alter the appearance of your gear. You’ll also be able to collect other materials, such as bamboo and linens, to further enhance your armor’s abilities. Jin can be further enhanced through Charms which are items that add unique powerups that benefit each fighting style differently.

All in all, Ghost of Tsushima is shaping up to be a dark and intriguing open-world game. With gameplay impacting choices and a solemn story, it’s sure to be a game PlayStation owners have to have in their collections.

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