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Going Under

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You join an internship to start building up your business skills but end up working on your monster-killing abilities instead. This is the cursed startup world of Going Under, an action game that takes interning to the next level.

Going Under Will Make A Solid Intern Out Of You

Internships can be hell. You hope they’re the career springboard you needed but all you end up doing is bring coffee for everyone. Not in Going Under. In this game, you’ll be plunged into the world of cursed startups that are not only doomed to fail but also crawling with nasty monsters and gruesomely transformed founders.

Grab a broom and let’s check out what lies beneath in Going Under.

Typical Workday

Developed by Aggro Crab and Team17, Going Under is an action RPG that takes place in a Silicon Valley lookalike area. Here, you’ll join poorly conceived startup companies that have bit off way more than they can chew. Right off the bat, you’ll be tasked with “cleaning out” the lower floors which are infested by monsters summoned from who-knows-where. In terms of story, think dungeon crawler meets failed startup company tropes and you’ve got a good understanding of what to expect from Going Under.

Lying Around

As you’re launched into the thick of things as a newly joined intern, you’ll have to use whatever you can find to defeat the monstrosities that are infesting the company offices. You’ll find brooms, boxes and...body pillows to bash and swat at enemies. All the junk you see around you is a viable weapon in your quest to become the greatest intern ever. Joining an internship is all about developing skills of course. Going Under may not be giving you the exact skills you’re looking for to conquer the tech business world but it will give you skills to help fend off the evils you fight.

Wacky World

Going Under adopts the trademark wacky cartoon world that Team17 has been known for since the first Worms was developed. The game world is colorful and vibrant. Characters and monsters have a slapstick quality to them as they ragdoll about during combat situations. Every visual and audio effect gives you that lighthearted cartoon feel you’ve come to expect from Team17.

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