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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest games on the planet at the moment. Experience the biggest GTA story ever, team up with your friends for incredible online heists and live your wildest criminal underworld dreams.

Grand Theft Auto V Will Let You Live Your Wildest Dreams

There’s no denying that Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest franchises of all time. The latest in this legendary series, Grand Theft Auto V, is without a doubt a worthy successor of that legacy. With a bigger map, a brand new engrossing story, heaps of things to do and online play GTA V will undoubtedly keep you occupied for hundreds of hours.

Keep the engine running as we dive into what makes Grand Theft Auto V such a great game.

Three Playable Characters

Unlike past titles in the series, Grand Theft Auto V features three unique playable characters. Trevor is the insane nutjob of the crew, always looking for quick cheap thrills for that adrenaline high. Franklin is a former street crook who’s looking to land a big score and level up his crime game. Finally, Michael is a hustler whose retirement has gone as planned and is looking to bounce back. These unlikely partners join forces across the game’s story to attempt increasingly daring heists and land the bigtime.

##The Whole Grand Theft Auto V Map is Your Stage

As a series, GTA has always been about absolute freedom. Freedom to explore anywhere you wanted, be anyone you wanted and even massacre anyone you wanted. Grand Theft Auto V takes that freedom and dials it up to 100 thanks to a mind-blowing array of vehicles and stunts you can perform. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube these days are GTAV stunts, where players are always looking for crazier spots to perform high-flying tricks from.

Take It Online

One of the most welcomed additions to the current generation version of Grand Theft Auto V was arguably its online component. Sporting the same open-world gameplay but with the added mayhem that comes with more real-life players was the recipe for success anyone could have predicted. Online, the game affords you many more options for fun in the world of GTAV. Roleplay your criminal fantasies, invest money to earn more, team up with others to take on dangerous missions. There’s even more to do in GTA online than there is in the base game.

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