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TinyBuild’s 2017 hit survival horror game, Hello Neighbor, was a unique take on a beloved genre. It married a Pixar-like cartoon style with eerie sound design that created a powerful sense of tension throughout the game. On top of that, it’s sophisticated AI was capable of mimicking player actions and learning from them. All of this, coupled with a familiar horror movie premise, created an intriguing and highly replayable experience.

Hello Neighbor 2 Will Be Even Less Than Friendly

With Hello Neighbor 2, TinyBuild is looking to up the ante even further. Let’s have a look at what we know so far.

Raven Brooks is a Sandbox

The fictional town where the original game took place is now more than just the territory surrounding Mr. Peterson’s house. Hello Neighbor 2 allows you to go wherever you want and right from the beginning. The aim is to encourage you to find creative solutions to barriers and puzzles. You can resort to platforming skills, terrain features and items scattered around town. But beware, for your stalker can leave their home and hunt you down.

Hello Neighbor 2’s World is more Alive

One of TinyBuild’s core changes to Hello Neighbor’s formula is how the world feels. Whether you’re sneaking into your neighbor’s house or wandering around town, they want you to have a sense it’s a living breathing place. To achieve that, they’re making use of scripted event randomization. These are canned actions that will happen always in the same way but the order in which they occur will be random. Not only does it give a better sense of a world that is not exactly dead, but also add more replay value. The goal is for you to have your own emergent story experience as you play through the game.

An Intelligent Foe

Hello Neighbor 2 picks up where the previous game left off. Nicky returns to Raven Brooks to find out what happened to Mr. Peterson. Instead, he finds a mysterious creature in the house that is hellbent on stalking him. This creature uses an even more advanced learning AI compared to the original game. It will attempt to ambush you when you try to use the same escape route. It will also use items the same way you do, whether to slow it down or to attempt an escape. This highly intelligent creature will also have its own routine, including sleeping and heading off to the woods.

Overall, Hello Neighbor 2 is shaping up to be a worthy follow-up to an exceptional survival horror game.

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