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Humankind by Amplitude Studios is looking to take on the big titles in the civilization-building subgenre of strategy games. Creator your own leader figure and lead your society across six eras of multicultural blending as you write your own piece of history.

Humankind Will Turn You Into the Leader You Were Meant to Be

The developers behind 4X games like Endless Space and Endless Legend are looking to grab a piece of Civilization 6’s pie with their upcoming game, Humankind. Instead of taking the same gameplay and slapping on snazzier graphics, though, Amplitude Studios have a different vision in mind. With a strong emphasis on building multicultural civilizations and adapting to changing situations, Humankind will be bringing a lot to the 4X plate.

Get your historian’s cap on and let’s have a look at everything we know about Humankind.

A Walk Through the Ages

Right off the bat, the trailer for Humankind shows us how the game takes us on a journey from the prehistoric era all the way to the development of ancient civilization. There are six distinct eras in the campaign with all kicking off from the hunter-gatherer days. After laying the foundations of your culture and building your first settlement, you’ll begin to make decisions on how you’ll proceed with expanding. Every time a new era begins, you’ll be able to choose from a list of 10 cultures, each with their own unique traits. Even if you change your mind during the next era, the traits carry over. What’s truly fascinating is watching how your civilization develops into a melting pot of cultures and how that affects the architecture of your settlement. It’s like telling a unique story.

Humankind Has Many Cultures to Choose From

While each era may begin with a choice of 10 cultures, there are a total of 60 in the game. You can spot some of them in the trailer, including Romans, Libyans and Chinese. Aside from their traits, each culture will have its own set of unique units to bring to the table. The Chinese with their invention of gunpowder, for instance, will enable you to make rocket carts. It will be fascinating to see the kind of mixed bag armies that can be developed.

Be Your Own Leader

As everything in Humankind begins from before human civilization, there are no historical figures to choose from. As such, you’ll be tasked with creating your own leader figure in the same way you would a character in an RPG. It’s not clear how deep the character creator will go but we know visual appearance will have some granularity to it.

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