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It’s been a long while since an intriguing RTS game like Iron Harvest came about. With its fresh ideas and a new approach to competitive play, there’s a lot of potential to be found here.

Iron Harvest Is Looking to Bring Back Good Old Fashioned Strategy

The real-time strategy genre currently feels like a barren desert, ripe for something new and fresh to bring it back to its early days of glory. Iron Harvest aims to do just that. With an intriguing alternate reality setting, emphasis on environments and a new approach to RTS gameplay, this upcoming title may bring about a new era for the forgotten genre.

It’s time to sow the lands and see what KING Art Games are planting with Iron Harvest.

Changing History

Iron Harvest takes place in an alternate reality of human history. The backdrop is the 1920s, just after the Great War. Instead of just tanks and guns, armies make heavy use of diesel-powered mechs and walkers to establish dominance over their enemies. Dubbed dieselpunk, this setting has clear inspirations taken from steampunk. The difference lies in how much closer the tech depicted in the game feels like it could actually have been achieved during the 20s. Besides this mechs, your armies will employ a myriad of cannons, ballistic weapons and explosives; all in the name a strategy and conquest.

Mind Your Surroundings

Many RTS games in the past, such as Dawn of War, have made some use of cover through environmental elements. In Iron Harvest, however, the natural barriers that guard your units may not last long. According to KING Art, everything on the battlefield will be destructible. This means that line of sight can be altered both in yours and your enemy’s favor. This has the potential to add a whole new layer to unit micromanagement as you’ll be moving units constantly from one point of cover to the next. Devastation, of course, will depend on the power of the weapons used so defensively you could protect units against weaker ones by hiding behind solid cover. The possibilities are quite staggering.

Manageable Pace

What makes a lot of real-time strategy games feel inaccessible is the emphasis on CPM (clicks per minute). The faster you perform actions, the more assured your victory. Iron Harvest is striving to alleviate this by placing more emphasis on tactics and overall strategy rather than how fast you can build up your army. KING Art wants to achieve this by toning down the build pace and making macro-management more important even during later stages of games.

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