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Microsoft Flight Simulator is making a glorious comeback with a tone of data-driven features. Fly anywhere on the planet, experience real-time air traffic with seamless online play and experience real-world weather conditions in this stunningly gorgeous flight sim.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Wants to Take You on a Breathtaking Flight

One of the most beloved flight simulators of all time, Microsoft Flight Simulator took E3 2019 by storm with its new showcase. Its stunningly realistic visuals breathe life into both its planes and the entire world you get to fly in. Yes, that means THE entire planet we live on can be explored ‘till you heart’s content. Microsoft are pulling all the stops to reinvigorate the flight simulator market.

Put on your captain’s hat and let’s take a look at what we know about Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The World is Your Oyster in Microsoft Flight Simulator

This needs to be repeated: you can fly anywhere in the world in this brand new flight sim. Microsoft are making use of Bing’s satellite data to map out planet Earth and make its vast landscapes open to fans of flying. This includes tens of thousands of real-life airports. On top of the satellite data, Microsoft is powering the generation of topography via a learning AI. This gives Microsoft Flight Simulator the ability to make the planet feel alive by populating landscapes with plants and streets with traffic.

Real-Time Air Traffic

Another jaw-dropping feature of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the ability to see other players in flight. In order to facilitate this, the game will feature daily air traffic management in real-time. This means you’ll get to see other flights happening near you at the same time as your own. So far there hasn’t been clarification on what happens when internet connection is lost.

Customize Your Online Experience

Those feeling put off by the seamless online play will be delighted by this next feature. Microsoft Flight Simulator will allow you to filter the kind of pilots you want to see in your game. Whether you’re in the mood for realistic flight patterns, experimentation with acrobatics and dangerous flying or a free-for-all, the game allows you to filter out the types of players you see.

Real-World Weather Data

As further injection of that sweet sweet realism, Microsoft Flight Simulator will feature seasonal weather conditions. It’s quite a deep system powered by real-world weather data. If for instance you were to be flying across Europe into Paris on a Sunday afternoon and it’s raining there in real-life, it will be raining in-game as well.

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