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Mr. Prepper needs to get himself ready for when the bombs start raining down from above. Build your own bomb shelter, trade with your neighbors and keep things secret from the police and government agents in this unique management game.

Mr. Prepper Wants To Get You Fully Prepared for Nuclear War

Most games about nuclear war and apocalyptic levels of destruction take place after the fact. Mr. Prepper, however, is all about getting ready for the “big day”. In this unique building and management game, you’ll take on the role of a concerned citizen who wants to build a bomb shelter before the bombs come raining down.

Get your plans ready as we dig into all the important bits about Mr. Prepper.

Build Your Bomb Shelter

Nuclear war is coming. Sooner or later, everything around you will be decimated into oblivion which is why as Mr. Prepper you need to be ready for what comes next. Throughout the game, you’ll be building and expanding your very own bomb shelter. You’ll gradually dig deep beneath your home, opening up a variety of rooms for different purposes. These rooms aren’t meant to be empty, though. Some will be storage for your supplies while others will be used for different utilities, such as growing crops.

Work with Your Neighbors

Mr. Prepper’s neighbors are also catching wind of what’s going on and they want to survive just as much as he does. Luckily, you’ve got a legup and you can provide them with the goods they need. Make use of your crops and crafts to trade with your neighbors to get whatever materials and equipment you need to make your shelter as robust and comfortable as possible.

Keep It All Hush Hush

Don’t think the government is going to just stand idly by while you prepare for a nuclear holocaust. They want you under their complete control and they’ll do what it takes to keep that going. When the police and FBI come knocking at your door, you’ll need to be sure that they can’t see a thing or catch wind of what you’re building underneath your home.

Overall, Mr. Prepper is a management game like no other. It takes a familiar concept and places it in a setting that no one else has thought of using. Definitely worth a try.

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