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New World is an ambitious project to be sure. There are a lot of elements to be excited about that aim to disrupt the MMO space. We’ll have to wait and see when it finally releases later this year.

New World Looks to Shake Up the MMORPG Space

The MMO landscape has always been a difficult one to enter. The market is rife with promising WoW-killers with few managing to amass enough of a playerbase to stay afloat. Amazon Games is gearing up to challenge the unshakeable behemoths of the online RPG space with New World. While many may scoff at the idea of yet another MMO, there’s a lot to be excited about with Amazon’s ambitious title.

Dark Inspirations

One of the key areas in which New World aims to differentiate itself in is combat. The developers have stated that the game draws heavily from the action-oriented, methodical systems found in the beloved Dark Souls series. There are no ability rotations nor persistent cooldowns to manage. You’ll have to lock onto and focus on targets in order to strike them with accuracy. Weapons even have their own hit detection angles depending on their size and type.

A (No) Class Act

Foregoing character classes isn’t exactly a new concept for RPGs these days. MMOs, however, have yet to fully embrace the concept. New World aims to shake things up in the regard as well by not having any character classes to speak of. Instead, you will be able to convert your XP into your avatar’s base attributes. This will set the foundation for a character’s build. On top of that, you’ll have to level up the mastery trees of your weapons in order to unlock further abilities.

Sound the Horns of War

While New World will contain plenty of PvE content, it’s the main draw will lie squarely in its conquest-styled PvP. In the beginning, you’ll find yourself washed up on the shores of the new land of Aeternum. You’ll be tasked with missions that aim to do two things; one is for you to establish a foothold by exploring and exploiting the land, and the other is to teach you the mechanics of the game. Once the storylines are complete, you’re thrust into the thick of things, that is participating in War Battles. These will be 50v50 large-scale PvP Company (read: guilds) battles. The aim of these skirmishes is to claim more and more territory to control and will typically be conducted in large castles. A PvE alternative will be in place called Invasions where you’ll be facing off against NPC enemies.

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