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A man shipwrecked. A region shrouded in mystery. A woman with an enigmatic purpose. Olija is a game about venturing into the unknown and overcoming challenges.

Olija Will Take You On A Mysterious Journey

One thing to admire about a lot of indie devs is their love for 2D sidescrolling games, especially of the platforming type. Olija is another one such game. Don’t let that surface-level description full you, though, as this pixel graphics game has a lot of interesting ideas it brings to the table. A dark and mysterious world. An enigmatic figure. A combat system like we’ve never seen with this type of art style before. Olija is definitely aiming to push some boundaries in the 2D platformer space.

Grab your harpoon and let’s check out everything we know about Olija.

A Tale of a Castaway

Shipwrecked on an uncharted land called Terraphage, Faraday finds himself set on an unexpected journey. Along the way, he meets Olija, a mysterious woman to whom his destiny is bound. To find out what lies ahead of his path, Faraday must wield a legendary harpoon and fight through the treacherous islands of the Terraphage region. All the while rescuing fellow castaways and unravelling the mystery behind Olija herself.

Lightning Fast Gameplay

Early on in the game, you’ll find a powerful harpoon which serves as the heart of Olija’s gameplay. This mighty weapon can do more than just stab the living daylights out of enemies. It enables Faraday to dash across the screen, grab enemies at a distance and either pull them or its wielder to close the gap and, of course, deliver swift attacks. The harpoon will also serve as your primary tool to overcome trickier platforming sections as well as solve puzzles. From the trailers, the combat and traversing look flashy and lightning-fast which isn’t what would come to mind by just looking at stills of the game.

Hats On

Another big part of Olija is going to be the crafting of hats. You can deck out Faraday in a variety of headwear, each with its own unique theme and style. According to the developers, the hats demonstrate the cultural diversity of the Terraphage islands. Expect nods to Asian, European and other traditional hat styles. These hats are being labelled as magical and having certain properties which are yet to be revealed.

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