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Turn-based tactical game fans looking for something unique and challenging should look forward to Othercide. Take the backbreaking challenge of Dark Souls and fuse it with the strategy gameplay of XCOM, wrapped up in a dark and gruesome world and you’re sure to have a winner.

Othercide Infuses Horror into Turn-Based Tactical Games

It’s always a treat when genres are mashed up together to create something truly unique. Othercide aims to do just that by being the first horror turn-based tactical game. With a grey art style, gruesome creatures and a deep and complex narrative, this soon to be released title by Lightbulb Crew looks to shake things up in the landscape it enters.

Gather your party so we can explore what we know about Othercide.

In Othercide You Will Die

The tagline used in Othercide’s trailer is “You will fight. You will fail. You will rise again.” This harks back to games of the Soulsborne ilk where death isn’t the end but a path towards becoming stronger. If these are anything to go by, you can expect this dark tactical game to be tough as nails right off the bat. According to the developers, death doesn’t mean all is over as you can “return with lost powers to face a new nightmare.” We’ll have to wait and see what that means.

A Bit of Noir

Othercide has an incredibly unique art style compared to its competitors. The game is enveloped in black, white and grey colors with only splashes of red thrown in to signify effects and UI elements. Coupled with the gruesome look of the foes you’ll be facing, this makes for an incredibly unsettling world. The way the world is depicted in the trailers, it’s hard to not feel a bit of a sense of isolation as well. Let’s hope the game delivers on that front as it’s incredibly intriguing.

Manipulate the Timeline

In Othercide, you’ll be tasked with leading warriors known as the Daughters, each categorised in three different archetypes. What makes this dark tactical game different from others like XCOM is its Dynamic Timeline System. The Daughters can take advantage of this system to interrupt enemies that are destined to happen further in the timeline or react instantly to an attack happening in the present. Daughters can also be boosted in stats and abilities by gathering memories of what is known as the Suffering.

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