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If you ever imagined what a fusion of Gears of War and Destiny would look like but without the live service nonsense, then Outriders has the answer. With a focus on narrative and intense gameplay mechanics, Outriders is looking to redefine the looter-shooter.

Outriders Is Bringing Rock-Solid Narrative to the Looter Shooter

Originally announced at E3 2019, Outriders looks like Gears of War had a baby with Destiny minus the live service stuff. But that’s where the comparisons stop. Instead of delivering a persistent, repeatable experience that aims to keep you grinding, Outriders focuses on being a story-driven game. While there still are features like classes and loot, the game has a tale to tell that is heavily influenced by Polish folklore.

Jump out of cover and let’s dash head-first into what we know so far about Outriders.

Outriders Is a Story About Colonists

What lies at the focal point of the game’s marketing is its intriguing premise. Humans looking to find a new planet to call home encounter an event that changes their entire plans. On the planet Enoch, a giant mess of energy dubbed The Anomaly bursts, catching everything in its wake. Some perish, while others survive to tell the tale, complete with new powers. Divided between those who still stand with the ECA and the ones called The Exiles, a war breaks out on Enoch. This is where your story in Outriders begins.

Not Another Looter-Shooter

You wouldn’t be at fault for mistaking Outriders for a game of Destiny’s and Division’s ilk. Developer People Can Fly, though, have been quick to decry these comparisons. So much so that they’ve adamantly stated there will be no lootboxes or other gameplay-related microtransactions in the game. Despite having trappings commonly found in MMO games, such as character creation, classes and gear upgrades, Outriders will be a narratively driven game with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Guns, Cover and Powers

As we mentioned earlier, Outriders looks like a combination of Destiny and Gears of War. It’s a third-person shooter with a cover system and mobility skills, coupled with class-based abilities. There are roles to fill, such as tank, ranged damage and spellcasting but that’s doesn’t underplay the importance of guns. You’ll be making fair use of both your deadly firearms and awesome powers to defeat the waves of aliens and Exiles you will face.

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