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Project CARS 3 Wants to Bridge the Gap For Racing Sim Neophytes

One of the greatest sim racing series returns and is looking to be what bridges the gap for newer players without compromising its hardcore gameplay. Project CARS 3 will carry on its legacy with fine-tuned sim racing capabilities while also adding a career mode that encourages new players.

Racing games are typically divided into arcade-style and sim racers, with the former being more accessible than the latter. Rarely do these two types of driving games intersect. Project CARS 3 aims to change that by acting as a bridge that enables a smoother transition from one to the other. That isn’t to say, however, that the next instalment in Slightly Mad Studios’ popular racing sim series will be forsaking its roots.

Buckle up and let’s take a ride through everything we know about Project CARS 3.

Smooth Transitions

The past two instalments in the Project CARS series have always strived to give newer players some training wheels to ease them into playing. What Slightly Mad Studios has stated is that they haven’t been doing a good job of encouraging players to take the crutches off. With Project CARS 3, their aim is to enable arcade racer fans to feel confident in their growing skills through a robust career mode. The main source of inspiration has come from their recent acquisition by Codemasters, best known for their more arcade oriented Grid racing series.

Project CARS 3 is Still a Sim

That all being said, Slightly Mad Studios are continuing to emphasize that their next game is still a sim racer at heart. Their main focus is to improve upon their already successful formula that makes the series realistic in its simulations. In interviews, they’ve stated that Project CARS 3 will see fine-tuning in areas such as braking and cornering. For the hardcore sim racer fans who play on steering wheels, they’re also improving on how force feedback behaves during some of the more nuanced segments of a race.

Open Possibilities

What made Project CARS unique amongst sim racers was the amount of freedom the game offered. You could take any car class and drive it in nearly any type of race for the heck of it. On top of that, unlimited customization options further enhanced this aspect of the series. In Project CARS 3, this will still be the case with even more options to tweak and tune your cars’ appearance and performance.

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