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Skul: The Hero Slayer

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The Adventurers have won and the demons are all imprisoned, except for the last of the Demon Guard called Skul. Use your skull swapping powers to take on the abilities of others in order to free your friends and the Demon King.

Skul Will Makes You Lose Your Head

The indie gaming space is always full of some of the most fun and unique spins on classic genres. Skul is yet another intriguing example of this fact. In this rogue-lie 2D pixel art platformer, you take on the role of Skul, a lone skeleton who’s out to free his demon friends from the clutches of the Adventurers. Besides his formidable strength and resilience, he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve; or should we say his head.

Put on your best face and let’s take a look at what makes Skul such a great game.

Not The Hero You Expect

In this adventure, the tables are sort of turned as you embark on an adventure to save demons rather than tear them to bits. In Skul, the Demon King’s stronghold has been sacked. The Adventurers, with the help of the Hero of Caerleon, have won and all the demons are imprisoned. All except for one skeleton aptly named Skul. As the only of the King’s guard remaining, it’s Skul’s job to fight the Adventurer’s and restore the kingdom back to its decrepit glory.

More Heads Are Better Than One

Skul is a powerful skeleton that can stand toe-to-toe with almost any foe. As a skeleton, of course, he can of course take off his head and replace it with another. By doing so, he can take on its owner’s abilities, effectively changing up the way he fights. By equipping up to two skulls, Skul can excel at a variety of skills, from brute strength to potent magic. With dozens of skulls to collect and use, Skul feels like a twisted spin on Pokemon. Gotta catch ‘em all.

Death Isn’t The End

Besides being a 2D sidescrolling platformer with a playful pixelated art style, Skul is also a rogue-lite. As such, play the game in runs and once you die, you have to start over. But not all is lost as you retain skulls you’ve collected along with other upgrades, which you can then decide how you will use in your next run. It’s an addictive style of game that will surely have you hooked for hours.

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