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Despite disappearing from cyberspace, Skull & Bones still exists as a project and is well in development. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can enjoy its awesome naval battles and plunder for loot.

Skull & Bones Will Convince You That The Pirate's Life is For You

First announced during E3 2018, Skull & Bones is the pirate sim that got everyone excited only to proceed and disappear from the internet. Multiple reports made by Ubisoft, however, are reassuring that the game is still alive and well in development. What made the game’s initial reveal so intriguing was the emphasis on actual privateering and becoming the top dog of the seas. Receiving any news, therefore, is quite a relief as the project looks very promising.

Let’s sing a sea shanty while we check out what we know so far about Skull & Bones.

Nothing Yet on Skull & Bones’ Story

At the moment, there is no word on the game’s story - if there is one at all - and how it impacts the gameplay. We know that the setting is during the golden age of privateering in an unknown location in the high seas and a few ports. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess what sort of narrative the game will follow.

Redefining Naval Battles

Gameplay-wise, we’ve been shown a fair bit throughout Skull & Bones’ trailers. Specifically pertaining to its naval battles and ships, the game will place us squarely at the helm of a pirate fleet. You’ll be able to control your own ship and join up with either friends or AI allies to fight high sea battles. Depending on your ship’s equipment, you’ll be able to blast your foes to smithereens with your cannons, ram them at full speed or even grand hold and stage a good old fashioned pirate boarding.

The X Marks the Spot

Skull & Bones wouldn’t be a proper pirate game without some booty to plunder. The whole objective of the game seems to be heavily focused on looting what remains of your enemies’ vessels and finding treasure. By gathering your spoils, you’ll be able to upgrade your pirate, your crew and your ship and fleet until you’re the baddest peg leg in the high seas.

Common questions about Skull & Bones

  • What is Skull & Bones release date?

    Sadly, we haven't got a release date for Skull & Bones
  • On what platforms is Skull & Bones available?

    Skull & Bones is playable on PC, Playstation, Xbox
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