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Spiritfarer sounds like a typical gathering and building game on the surface. The philosophical and existential undertones of its story, however, give away a game that takes that genre in a completely unexpected direction. We fully expect it to be one of the most emotional games ever.

Spiritfarer Looks Like an Emotionally Charged Serene Journey

A cozy management game about dying reads the tagline of Spirifarer, a game where you take on the role of a ferrymaster to the deceased. The idea of death may sound nothing like a cozy affair, but developer Thunder Lotus Games seems to want to help us believe that it could be. A lot of games in the past have dealt with the topic of passing away in various ways, but none have quite tried it in the context of a management title.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from Spiritfarer.

Past Inspirations

In Spiritfarer, you step into the shoes of a ferry person called Stella who gathers spirits and helps them on their journey to the afterlife. If the thought of Charon helping dead Greek warriors cross the river Styx crossed your mind, you’re not alone. The inspirations from mythology and folklore are definitely there. Yet, the game takes such a light-hearted spin on the idea that it’s easy to not make the connection.

I’m on a Boat

As a ferrymaster, Stella’s mode of transportation is a boat. It’s no ordinary rowboat, however, as we see a lot of its evolutions across the game’s trailer. One of the keywords of the title is build and that means Stella will be developing her water steed as she goes. We a variety of rooms and compartments that expand the boat, allowing for more spirits to join the ride.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

What differentiates the aforementioned mythological ferryman, Charon, from Stella is that he only needed to take the dead from point A to point B. Stella, on the other hand, doesn’t just serve as glorified taxi driver. Rather, she harbors the spirits she finds in her boat, gives them a place to stay while taking them along on her journey. Along the way, you’ll get to interact with all of them, cook for them, even care for them by giving them a big old hug. Until the time comes to say goodbye; which is where we assume the tears will start flowing.

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