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Star Citizen raised over $250 million on kickstarter. Star Citizen offers a rich experience for gamers in a galaxy open world where you can fly from planet to planet freely. Every planet has its own specificities. The game is designed so that each player can craft its own unique experience. You can be a pirate, a merchant or even a pilot protecting the borders. The game creator Chris Roberts wanted to take games like wing commander or Freelancer to the next level.

Star Citizen also had a single player mode called Squadron 42 that can be played offline and have a specific storyline crafted for those that wants an epic experience. The entire game is playable in coop mode with a drop-in system that allows for a player to connect to a party at any time.

More over Starcitizen is designed to be an ever evolving universe. The developers have opened up the game to allow lots of addition of content by the community. They are themselves dedicated in bringing frequent micro updates. The universe will evolve also according to players actions. If you find a new jump point in the galaxy and sell it to a specific company then its named after you and all the players can have access to it!

Factions of course are in play and the balance in the universe will be in constant evolution depending on the players choices. Its up to you to decide it you will smuggle weapons for a rebel faction or help the earth by being a pilot to fight in space to protect the republic.

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  • What is Star Citizen release date?

    Sadly, we haven't got a release date for Star Citizen
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    Star Citizen is playable on PC
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