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Dying to get behind the cockpit of an X-wing or TIE Fighter? Star Wars: Squadron is looking to bring back some classic space-combat gameplay based on the beloved galaxy far far away.

Star Wars: Squadrons Wants to Bring Some Classic Star Wars Magic Back

Before we had a smorgasbord of Star Wars games in a variety of genres, including racing, games set in the galaxy far far away we all about two things: Jedi and space-combat. Some of the best space dogfighting games in existence are credited as Star Wars games. It’s been a while since we got a game like X-Wing and TIE Fighter but EA is going to be mitigating that with Star Wars: Squadrons. And it will have VR, too.

Jump into your cockpit and let’s have a fly-by of everything we know about the game.

It’s All About the Ships

Star Wars: Squadrons trailers have thus far shown us a lot of action from within the cockpit of one of several starfighters. The reason is because this is primarily what the game is all about. Outside of cutscenes, you’ll never see your character from a third-person perspective. This is great news considering a lot of Star Wars games of late have been obsessed with mixing things up. Doing barrel rolls with an X-wing is all the doctor ever ordered.

With Or Without You

Just like other space-combat games before it, Star Wars: Squadrons will feature both a single-player campaign and several multiplayer modes. The campaign is set during a time between the end of the original trilogy and the more recent one. Little is known about the story beyond that, apart from it involving a new project the New Republic is working on called Starhawk.

More Ways to Play in Star Wars: Squadrons

The game’s multiplayer will feature a variety of modes and we know a few details about some of them. Dogfighting mode will be a 5v5 affair where the number of kills you make determine your score. You can also response and have your own weapon loadouts. There will also be a grander scale mode called Fleet Battles where teams of players devise a plan and set course to take down a massive enemy vessel in a multiphase battle of epic proportions.

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