Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath

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In Surviving the Aftermath you’ll want to think on your feet as you manage the chaos and unexpectedness of a post-apocalyptic world. Manage your colony, defend your survivors and choose your path as you lead them into a new era.

Surviving the Aftermath Will Give You a Taste of Post-Apocalyptic Reality

You see the post-apocalyptic world concept in many games, movies, books and TV shows. None, however, capture the exact precariousness and reality of such a situation as Surviving the Aftermath does. In this survival base-building title, you will be tasked with setting up a colony and caring for your survivors in a devastated world where the polluted land itself is your biggest threat.

Bolster your barricades as we venture into what Surviving the Aftermath has to offer.

Wasteland Architecture

At the heart of Surviving the Aftermath lies a pure base-building and management game. With over 50 structure types yet limited resources at your disposal, you’ll have to prioritise hard and make tough choices. Do you build for gathering more resources or do you need to bolster your defences? You can farm. You can explore. But you can’t always do both. Whatever your decision may be, they will have an effect on how well your survivor colony thrives.

Post-devastation Specialist

As the mastermind behind your colony, you can’t be expected to do everything. This is why you need to ensure you hire as many of the 46 specialists in the game as possible. Each of these survivors has their own bag of tricks that will be a boon to your Surviving the Aftermath colony. By adhering to their motivations and placing them to do tasks they’re good at, your specialists will become the lifeblood of your base. Send them past the Gate to explore or conduct scientific research or even fight bandits. Micromanagement is key.

Chaotic Factor

The world of Surviving the Aftermath is procedurally generated, meaning no two games are ever the same. Your colony can also suffer from a variety of unexpected hiccups. All of this randomness requires quick thinking and solid resource management under pressure. You’ll often find yourself making hard choices to keep your colony going, even if it means some must lose their lives. Whatever happens, it will shape the culture and character of your Surviving the Aftermath colony forever.

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