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If you’ve missed some good old-fashioned aerial dogfighting, The Falconeer has you covered. With brutal combat, a vast and intriguing open-world and plenty of unlockables, this air-to-air combat game aims to bring back some classic gameplay in a new way.

The Falconeer Wants To Take Aerial Combat to Greater Heights

An open-world game that takes place primarily in the air, The Falconeer attempts to elevate air-to-air dogfighting games through an intriguing world and hardcore combat. Right off the bat, what strikes a chord in the trailers is how brutal the world looks. The skies are dark and stormy, filled with all kinds of enemies out to get you, from giant other riders to giant monsters. There’s also a tremendous emphasis on acrobatic movement.

Hang onto your reigns and fly with us as we explore all that The Falconeer aims to offer.

The Great Blue Yonder

What stands out most from The Falconeer’s feature set is that it’s an open-world game. Outside of the realm of space flight games, there haven’t been many titles that have tackled this concept in an airborne game. It’s not completely clear how it’s going to work. We do know that there will be land areas as well, including harbors, islands and sea forts. For the most part, the game takes place over a vast, mysterious ocean known as the Ursee and it will be your job to find out what lies beneath it.

Dogfighting in The Falconeer

The main selling point solo developer Tomas Salas outlines for The Falconeer is its heavy emphasis on hardcore aerial dogfighting. The aim is to bring back the familiar while introducing a whole new bag of tricks to the genre. Air-to-air mechanics such as banking, barrel rolling and looping are all going to be present. Acrobatic mechanics are also going to be present to add a whole new dimension to a gaming classic playstyle.

Choose Your Side

The Ursee is an intriguing place and as such many factions are aiming to unravel its mysteries. Naturally, these factions will butt heads in air-to-air fashion. In The Falconeer, you’ll be choosing a faction to fight for. As you take down opposing Falconeers and airships, as well as defend your factions vessels from enemies and giant sea creatures, you’ll earn soulshards to help upgrade your mighty airborne steed.

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