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Fans of Thunderful Group’s Steamworld will be delighted by their upcoming new adventure, The Gunk. It’s a 3D game filled with exploration where clearing out a mysterious black substance will reveal what transpired on a decrepit planet.

The Gunk Will Turn You Into A Planetary Janitor

Thunderful Group, makers of classic indie hit series Steamworld, are entering the next generation of consoles with a completely different project. The Gunk is a complete departure from the studio’s usual harmless cartoony vibe and 2D-based games. Diving head-first into the realm of three-dimensional gaming, the developer aims to take us on a journey where moral dilemmas and dark mysteries are commonplace. This all powered by the Xbox platform and its upcoming Series X.

Prepare for a new adventure as we take a look at what we know about The Gunk.

Dark and Sticky

Thunderful’s first foray into 3D space puts us in the shoes of one of two sisters on a space trek to discover new planets. Their travels take them to a planet filled with wild flora and fauna as well as something else. Mysterious dark gunk has spread across the surface, covering plants and animals alike. The sisters must vacuum up the creepy substance up as they explore to uncover what happened. As they proceed, they will question their motives and debate whether they should be fighting a fight that isn’t theirs.

Suck It Up

A big part of the developers’ core design philosophy is to begin with a simple idea and iterate from there. It’s the same with The Gunk. From the trailers, it’s clear that using your the vacuum capabilities of your robotic arm will be the main mechanic used throughout the game. Apart from that, the exploration seems quite freeform with plenty of areas to explore by running, climbing and jumping. It’s not clear yet how you’ll be able to deal with the animals that have turned rabid from the gunk.

Vividly Black

While the premise of The Gunk seems to lean into dark territory, the graphics still retain the cartoon art style Thunderful has had in the previous games. The world is dark wherever the black substance is prevalent. Once it’s also cleared out, though, it makes way for the vibrant colorful nature of the mysterious planet.

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