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Prepare to be deployed to the dark, decrepit land of Colorado in Wasteland 3. Become enthralled in a story where every choice has a great impact on how you play the game as well as combat the will require your full wits about you.

Wasteland 3 Will Redefine The Tactical RPG Genre

The tactical role playing game subgenre has had a massive cult following for decades. Countless titles have stepped up and offered their own flavor of turn-based strategic battles, including the XCOM series. Developer Inxile Entertainment has made its own strides with their Wasteland series. Now, they’re looking to go even further with their upcoming sequel, Wasteland 3.

Gather the troops and let’s see what lies in store for us in this new tactical RPG.

Every Choice Matters

One of the core elements of Wasteland 3 that Inxile is priding itself in is what they’re calling “reactive storytelling”. Sometime after the bombs fell, Colorado has become a barren wasteland with survivors fighting to stay alive and bring the land back to its original glory. In this dark, decrepit land you’ll be faced with countless choices that will have an impact on your story progression. The way you handle missions and the choices you make in dialogues will open up or close off missions. Your choices can even bar you from entering certain areas or even experiencing certain story arcs. The frozen land of what used to be Colorado is a hard place where tough moral choices are an everyday occurrence.

Build It And They Will Come

At the heart of the Wasteland 3’s gameplay like the Ranger Base. Similar to XCOM expandable operations base, the Ranger Base is the key to unlocking narratives, strengthening your troops and opening up quests. Your mission is to defend the people of the frozen Colorado wasteland. As you do so, your reputation will improve, unlocking more options as you go. Once again, the decisions you make in Wasteland 3 will have an impact on your reputation and the way your Ranger Base is built up.

Hide and Sneak

Wasteland 3 utilises all of the classic trappings of other tactical turn-based games, such as cover and environmental hazards. What makes it stand out the most is the game’s emphasis on stealth and sneak. You can gain bonus advantages in combat by taking on foes by surprise. There’s also a first-person view that allows you to target specific body parts with your snipers and sharpshooters. And of course, there’s no shortage of guns and other weapons to help bring the pain.

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