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Windbound is looking like a game that will surely grab the attention of both adventure and survival fans.

Windbound Looks Like a Breathtaking Island-Hopping Adventure

Windbound is 5 Lives Studios - the developers behind the Syndicate spiritual successor, Sattelite Reign - next big project. An adventure RPG at heart, this island-hopping, ocean-based journey looks to combine several genre elements that will surely attract gamers of all stripes.

A Moving Painting

Just by looking at the trailer and screenshots, it’s clear that Windbound takes a lot of inspiration from the colorful aesthetics of Breath of the Wild. It’s more than just a mere copy of the critically acclaimed Nintendo game’s art style, though. With some clever shading techniques, Windbound looks like a watercolor painting in motion. From the serene island environments to the vibrant creature and character design, the game’s visuals feel like a unique spin on cell-shaded graphics.

A Hidden Mystery

Windbound’s aesthetics do more than just define its looks. They also underpin what will surely be an underlying mystery. Beyond a few brief beats in the game’s trailer, not much is known about its story. We see the female protagonist, Kara, wash up on an island and at the end we see her going through a mystical portal. In between, we see her performing familiar survival actions, like lighting fires and hunting animals, and building an ever-evolving seacraft. It’s clear that there is a hidden narrative waiting to be uncovered as the game progresses.

A Vessel of Your Own

We mentioned Kara’s seacraft which takes a central role in the game’s trailer. Serving as Kara’s only companion on her adventure, the seacraft is what enables her to go from island to island. It starts off as a simple dinghy made out of wood and, over time, is upgraded into a multi-faceted catamaran. According to 5 Lives Studios, the seacraft allows players to explore as far as the eye can see. It’s likely that upgrading our trusty sea-steed will be important for accessing islands that lie further into the horizon. Live Off the Land

Island-hopping won’t just be necessary for learning more about the story’s mystery. It will also be vital for survival. As Kara will be a newly introduced element to their respective ecosystems, resources will slowly run dry. With her survival skills growing and her weapons arsenal becoming deadlier, creatures and resources will diminish. As the means of survival become scarcer, players must make plans to embark on the treacherous high seas.

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