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Zhelter takes the best aspects of Stardew Valley’s farming, Enter the Gungeon’s combat and the resource gathering and base building of survival games to create a unique mashup experience. All in the cute wrapping of classic pixel art graphics.

Zhelter Is An Unexpected Action-Filled Genre Mashup

What do you get when you combine the farming and town management of Stardew Valley with the topdown tumbling frantic action of Enter the Gungeon wrapped up in a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world? You get Zhelter, a pixel art indie game developed by G1 Playground for PC. Explore and harvest resources for your base. Recruit survivors to help keep defences up. Survive the large hordes of zombies roaming around. This is what Zhelter is all about.

A Sad Tale

After the majority of the world’s population turn into zombies for unknown reasons, you find yourself taken in by a group of survivors. Your joy is shortlived however as a massive horde of zombies of all shapes and sizes overruns your safe haven, living you the sole survivor. Your task is to rebuild your shelter by gathering resources and fending off the terrible horrors out there. Along the way, you’ll recruit friends and upgrade your base in an attempt to stay alive for as long as humanly possible.

Gather Build Repeat

Zhelter follows all of the familiar trappings of any survival game out there from gathering resources, to building structures and crafting items. It does so, however, with a bit of a Stardew Valley flair thanks to its lovely pixel art and emphasis on farming. Food doesn’t just grow naturally anymore so it’s up to you to till the land and plant the seeds if you want to eat for another day. Out in the open, you’ll have to gather as many resources as you can find, from crafting materials to fully-fledged weapons. Can you say “minigun in a drawer”?

Intense Shooting Action

Enter the Gungeon popularised the topdown dodge based combat that Zhelter employs for its combat. The key difference here is that you’re constantly chased by a mass horde of zombies. Some might even toss objects your way. Your dodge will allow you to move fast in any direction while shooting as many bullets as it takes to stop them from eating your juicy brains.

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